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What's New:

   June 19, 2020 

 All of the M.P. Electronics Product Brochures have been translated into Spanish and will soon be available upon request

   June 5, 2020

 All of the M.P. Electronics' Station Controllers - the SC100, SC1000, and the SC2000 have now undergone a firmware upgrade to enhance the   life of the red LED numeric display. All three of these Station Controllers have undergone a firmware change to allow for a parameter setting   to determine the length of time the numeric display stays on after any of the pushbuttons of the operator interface have been pushed. (SC100   Rev. 2, SC1000 Rev. 12, SC2000 Rev. 15)

 February 6, 2020 

  MPE is now Conformal Coating all its circuit boards prior to assembly into their final products.

  October 8, 2019 

 The Station Controller SC2000 has a new firmware release, Revision # 14. This firmware release adds the DNP3 protocal to the SC2000, as well   as an enhancement to the flow calculator algorithm.

  October 3, 2019 

 The Station Controller SC1000 has a new firmware release, Revision # 11. This firmware release adds an enhancementto the flow calculator   algorithm.

  June 6, 2019 

 M.P. Electronics introduces new Training Certificates for those students who complete our hands-on training course for the SC2000 Station   Controller.

  May 2, 2019

 M.P. Electronics  introduces their new four- page flyer/brochure for the Level Monitor Submersible Transducer. 

  May 22, 2019 

 MPE will no longer be manufacturing the 002-230-123 and 002-480-123, they will be replaced going forward by the 001-DVM-DR.

September 18, 2018 

 In order to give you even more options for our Level Probes we are now offering 4 and 5 point probes in the spacing available in our other   probes. If you would like a probe that is even more customized you can call in and speak with us and we can build you something as close to   what you are looking for. 

We are also now offering the Level Probe Surge Arrestor. This unit provides transient surge protection for the control inputs of any of MPE's   pump control devices that have conductance probes inputs for level measurement. 

  August 18, 2017

 In an effort to keep up with the changing technology, MPE will no longer be sending out CDs with digital copies of our literature. Instead we   have found this amazing "new" tech called a USB drive that we will be using for now on! Please let us know if you would like to receive a digital   copy of our catalog and we will mail one out to you.

  December 2, 2016

 In an effort to provide better pricing to our customers, M.P. Electronics will begin supplying its 8 pin Dual Voltage Phase Monitors (001-DVM-   118) for orders of units for a single voltage, whether 230V or 480V.

 By keeping less product types on the shelf resulting in lower inventory cost, M.P. Electronics hopes to pass the cost savings on to our   customers.

  November 8, 2016 

 Our website has been redesigned to be "Responsive" making it mobile and tablet friendly.

August 23, 2016 

 Do you ever need more information on one of our products, installation instructions, recommendations, or need to cross reference or convert   parts you have to a current MPE unit? All you need to do if go to the Application Notes page on our website and all of the notes are listed by   category and available for download.

July 28, 2016 

 QR codes have become an easy way to get the information you need using your mobile device. You no longer have to worry whether the   physical manual is still in the panel. Every MPE Controller comes with a QR code on its exterior that will take you directly to the manuals page   on our website.

  January 5, 2016 

 As of January 1st 2016 the 025-120-105 Flasher has been discontinued and is no longer available.

  July 19, 2015  

 The BOAC (Battery Operated and Alarm Charger) is a device that performs the various tasks required to manage a 12VDC alarm system that   has an alarm, strobe light, horn, and a 12V backup battery. The BOAC charges the backup battery, provides a Power Loss Alarm (when   required), has a repeat cycle timer for the horn, a sytem push-to-test button, and indication of the battery charging mode.

 For all of our plug-in 230V Phase Monitors, M.P. Electronics has increased the adjustment range from (200-240VAC) to (200-280VAC). Higher   Voltages in multiple locations prompted this change, which began as requests from our customers for this modification. This same change has   also been incorporated into the 230V range of our Dual Voltage Monitors, making these M.P. Electronics products viable for years to come.

 M.P. Electronics has discontinued production of the BS2000 Bubbler System. This has been a very dependable product, but the decline in   interest in the Bubbler System over the years has made it no longer cost effective for M.P. Electronics to produce this product.

There has been a manual for the 010-120-121P Simplexer uploaded and Application Notes section has been updated with the latest notes.

M.P. Electronics announces its latest firmware revision for its SC1000 and SC2000 Controllers. For the SC2000 Controller, the latest firmware is Version 12, and for the SC1000 Controller, the latest firmware is Version 10. In this firmware change, the Pump Disable inputs can now be inverted via parameter setting selection.

Added App Note to website for Xylem-Flygt to M.P. Electronics part number cross-reference list.
Added App Note to website on PMR2 replacement for 24V MiniCas.
Added App Note to website for and Intrinsically Safe solution using a Level Probe Relay.
(LPR-1), a Single Point Level Probe, and an I.S. Stahl Barrier.

M.P. Electronics has received their UL Listing of the LPC420R product. This level Probe Converter product has both an analog output and 10 relay outputs, is deadfront door mountable, with the level indication viewable from both the front and the rear of the unit.

Introduced SC2000 Software Version 11, and SC1000 Software Version 9:
Remote Control of Level Input Signal.
Remote Control of Flush Cycle.
Selectable Time Ranges for time based alternation.

M.P. Electronics began selling the PMR2, the M.P. Electronics branded version of the Xylem-Flygt MiniCas120.

M.P. Electronics had manufactured this product for Xylem-Flygt for many years. The PMR2 is identical to the MiniCas120, except for the product labeling.

Received UL Listing for our Simplexer Controller. The Simplexer operates via floats or Level Probes, and is the only One Pump Controller on the market that is SCADA-Ready.

Began production on our Level Monitor Submersible Transducer. The Level Monitor is available in 5, 10, and 15 psi ranges with standard cable lengths of 40 ft. and 100ft.

Completed mold for Panel Air Vent as a product for OEM’s. Previous molder for this product is no longer in business, and this air vent is popular among panel builder OEM’s. This Panel Air vent product is found in our catalog and on our website under Hardware.

Introduced SC2000 Software Version 10, and SC1000 Software Version 8:
Added Flow Calculation features.
Added level offset feature that automatically updated with changes in level settings.
Added remote reset for fault codes.

SC2000 available now with optional Ethernet Port. SC2000 firmware also has been updated to provide parameters for wetwell flush and flow calculation.

Still to come in 2011:
The SC1000 Controller is being updated to provide an Ethernet Port for Modbus TCP/IP Communication. This Controller will also have setup parameters to perform a wetwell flush and flow calculation.

MPE will finish work on a Level Probe to relay output device which will include an analog output signal based on the level seen by the Level Probe. The part number for this product will be LP2RC, Level Probe to Relay Converter.

12/28/2010 Now in Production - Newly Re-designed ISD Controller to UL913, Version 7
MPE has made this Controller a truly great product. The inputs accept either floats or a conductance level probe. A low level input and relay contact has been added. The ISD is now SCADA-Ready with a standard RS232 Modbus port, and an optional Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP Port. The Push-to-Test feature has been enhanced, and the Controller has been designed to be used in transient tough applications.

12/06/2010 Off to UL for Evaluation - Sump Pump Exerciser
MPE's Sump Pump Exerciser in now at UL for evaluation and testing.  This unit will periodically exercise a sump pump for an on time of 3 to 10 seconds with an off time of 10 to 14 days. This unit can be used with both Piggy-Back or Integral Float type Sump Pumps. For more information, contact MPE at justin_logan@mpelectronics.com

4/16/2010 Announcing Video Conferencing via the Internet
MPE now offers Webinars for its customers for sales presentations and technical discussions.

Throughout 2010 -
Work continues on the mandated UL913 Version 7 evaluations for the Intrinsically Safe Relay and Intrinsically Safe Barrier products.

12/28/2009 Now in Production - Pump Monitor Relay PMR-1
This panel mount design monitors both OverTemp and Seal Leakage in one relay. The face of this relay gives indication for power, OverTemp, and Leakage as well as the sensitivity adjustment and the selector switch for Automatic or Manual reset. For Manual Reset, the Reset Pushbutton is also located on the face of this relay.

12/04/2009 Now in Production - Dual Voltage Phase Monitor
The Dual Voltage Phase Monitor has a range of 200VAC to 240VAC and 425VAC to 525VAC. This unit monitors Under Voltage, Phase Imbalance. Phase Reversal, and Over Voltage as an option. Available in 8 pin, part number 001-DVM-118 (SPDT and SPST) and 12 pin 001-DVM-1212 (DPDT) configurations.

6/15/2008 - Now in Production!
Triplex Alternator re-design, Part Number 009-120-23 and 009-120-23P. This unit now has a fail-safe feed-thru path from input to output.

2/20/2009 - Now Available!
We now have a panel mounting kit for our Duplexer Controller (010-120-122P). Download cut sheet under the tab for Hardware.

8/02/2008 - Now in Production!
MPE Duplexer Controller, Part Number 010-120-122P, has been re-designed, tested and approved by UL. The re-design unit is a microcontroller based design with the following features:

  • Inputs accept either Floats or the MPE Level Probe.
  • Modbus Serial Port for the SCADA applications.
  • A Test/Reset pushbutton simulates input and output conditions.
  • High level alarm indicator that can be selected to remain on after the high level condition has cleared, and the high level output relay has de-energized.
  • Alarm indication is reset by pushing the Test/Reset pushbutton.
  • Outputs for this device are now relay contacts.
  • This controller can be used in either pump-up or pump-down applications.